WindStation 4.0.5

WindStation is a software tool for the simulation of wind flow over complex topography. This is diagnostic simulator that solves the full 3D Navier-Stokes equations, including turbulence and thermal effects, using a boundary-fitted coordinate system. WindStation is also able to deal with the presence of bluff bodies simulating buildings and pervious obstacles.

The software is a Windows application based on a user-friendly graphical interface.

Physical simulation:

· Air flow is described with the full 3D Navier-Stokes equations

· Turbulence is simulated with the k-e model

· Terrain roughness is taken into account through the ground shear stress modelling

· Atmospheric stability is modelled by solving the energy equation

· Heat transfer at the ground: temperature imposition or heat flux imposition

· Inclusion of source terms to simulate pervious obstacles



Main input data:

· Terrain elevation data in ASCII ArcView grid file format

· Terrain roughness data in ASCII ArcView grid file format (optional)

· Wind speed and wind direction at punctual locations (meteorological stations readings, for instance) or, optionally, the vertical profile of wind speed, wind direction and turbulence quantities

· Temperature vertical profile

· Heat flux or temperature distribution at the ground

· Geometrical characteristics of solid and pervious obstacles




· Terrain elevation and /or terrain roughness visualization

· Wind field representation at a specified height from ground level, using vectorial display or colour contour display

· Visualization in the vertical plane

· Data export into text files or directly into Microsoft Excel



Examples—Flow in a  mountain region

Displaying the wind vector field

Colour contour representation of the wind field

Numerical Calculation of Wind Flow and Heat Transfer over Complex Topography and Around Bluff Obstacles


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Visualization in a vertical plane 

Examples — Flow in a  city

Wind field 10 m above ground. (a) - colour contours; (b) - vector field



Visualization in a vertical plane